Virtual Finance
Designed for SaaS

Fractional CFO & Bookkeeping,
to help you scale

Harrison White, CPA, CA

Fractional CFO

Boring Stuff

Outsource the time-draining bookkeeping tasks that aren't helping you grow.


Gain a CPA with in-depth knowledge of your business, just a call away.

Smart Finance

Metrics, reports and analysis to help focus your business decisions.



Tech & Processes

Tech stack analysis and ongoing accounting process improvements.

We bring your accounting system and processes into the modern world.


We can communicate and share with you in a number of popular apps.

Slack, Teams, Drive, Notion... Let us know where you work and we will connect. 

Monthly Reports

Custom reports and dashboards can keep you and your investors up-to-date.

 + be ready to impress a potential investor in an instant.


An expert made model that is actually useful.  

Updated on an ongoing basis, a well crafted model can help your CFO and you see into the future.


Scenario analysis & Microforecasts bring confidence to big and small decisions.

Know that your bank will never run dry.