Frequently Asked Questions

I might be missing documents, is that okay?

We can help make sure you have everything needed. If anything is missing it's almost always possible to find it online; we'll show you how. Sometimes it's just as easy as giving us access and we can get the docs for you.

What do I do if I don't have a digital copy of the documents to send?

Not a problem, any physical copies can be scanned (preferred) or you can simply take a picture and send it over.

What if the service I need isn't listed on the prices page?

Some services are difficult to show a base price for, because it can vary greatly based on the situation. However Virtual Accountant always offers some of the lowest prices available. Contact us below and include some details of what you need for a free quote.

What is the advantage of a CPA?

CPAs didn't just go through a company course to deal with your financials (like some accounting practices). They have achieved the expertise you need by going through advanced education programs, writing and passing some of the most difficult professional exams and have years of important experience. CPAs will find what you and your accountant might have missed.

Are there any hardware or software requirements?

The only two things you will need are:

  • Access to the internet

  • Access to a printer (some documents may require printing as they need to be signed)

Can't I just use a program to file my taxes myself?

Yes you can, but there are costs involved:

  • The standard version of the most common personal tax software is $35 + tax. Other versions can cost as much as $250.

  • This will also cost additional amounts of your own time and effort

  • Not to mention that if you miss available deductions and credits by not having a CPA prepare your return, you could potentially lose out on thousands!